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  • Dixon Spark 5 pc Demo
  • Dixon Spark 5 pc Demo
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Dixon Spark 5-Piece Drum Set - Gun Metal SP522AGM

RM 2,190.00


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For most drummers, the inspiration to play drums originates from the sights and sounds of a live performance while visualizing yourself on stage, in the drivers set with the audience at your feet. No matter when this inspiration hits you, we want you to look great, sound awesome and feel like a pro.. Dixon SPARK delivers the features that ignite all thre.. SPARK are start class drums designed for the first time drum set buyer searching for a complete outfit and the basic gear to perform. Quality components and a choice of three unique finishes make SPARK a sound choice.


  • 6 - Ply Poplar Shells

Precise and true, our poplar shells deliver a warm tone with plenty of projection to ensure SPARK drums sound as good as they look.

- 8 Lug Bass Drum
- 8 Lug Snare Drum
- Bearing edges: 45 degrees
- Shell Thickness: 6.8mm

  • Spark Series, Medium, Double-Braced Hardware

Includes Boom Cymbal Stand, Straight Cymbal Stand, Hi-Hat Stand, Snare Stand, Single Bass Drum Pedal & Drum Throne

  • Pro Style Bass Drum Spurs

Fully adjustable with retractable spur tips for maximum durability and stability.

  • Deluxe Tom Brackets

Eye-bolt design insures reliability and long life.

  • Ball & L-Rod Tom Holder

Easy adjustment for perfect placement and solid performance.

  • Cymbal Set

Deluxe brass cymbals to complete the set and get you started

  • Drum Throne

Double braced legs and comfortable cushion


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